C60 in Conversation: Hanya 6 August 2020

C60 in Conversation: Hanya

As part of the C60 Club, we here at austerity will be catching up with some of our favourite artists of the underground music scene. This month, we’ve spoken to Heather - the vocalist, guitarist & dream-weaver of the first ever C60 participants HANYA…

A: Hello Hanya, & welcome to the C60 Club.

H: Thanks for having us! I cant wait to see the cassettes, they look beautiful.

The band has been around the live music scene in various incarnations for a few years now. Please tell us a little more about Hanya & the story so far.

Get comfortable!The band in its primitive-form kinda started in 2015. Jack (drummer) & I had both moved to Brighton together from Dorset, living our big city dreams. I had been writing music for years solo, & hed always hounded me about putting drums on my tracks. Eventually, we started jamming, & my cute baby-folk tunes quickly became gritty, washy & psychedelic.We were a two-piece for about 3 years under a different name before we released our first EP I Used To Love You, Now I Don’t’ under HANYA in late-2018. Eventually, we realised the songs could be so much more with the addition of bass, & then second guitar. Voila! We were born.

The idea of the C60 Club was born out of our belief that physical releases are as integral as digital. What are your thoughts on physical media?

Couldn’t agree more. Although digital releases are much more accessible, I do envy bands of the 60s & 70s recording to tape &releasing everything on vinyl especially.Everyone in HANYA has some sort of collection of vinyl records, CDs & cassettes. My vice is vinyl: my collection has grown over the years since I’vebeen working at a record shop. If I love a piece of music I willalways make sure to buy it on a physical format. Its so much more pleasing to the senses, & you know youre supporting artists to continue much more so than streaming a release.

Had you ever planned on releasing Sea Shoeson a physical format? The EP was originally released in February on digital platforms only.

Plans have been & gonewe often float the idea of pressing the EP to a cheeky little 10, but the upfront cost for an unsigned band has always been hard to swallow. One day, we promise!

The notion of the sea & the beach is a recurring theme throughout this EP, which in turn makes us think of hometown Brighton & the surrounding areas. What makes Brighton & its music scene so special to you?

Most of us are from seaside towns, but Brighton has been our respective home for close to 10 years. The music scene here has nurtured our growth beyond belief; Its helped us find our feet, meet new friends & be a part of a community of DIY musicians. Brighton itself is a funny little city - its always been an oasis of creativity & the string of artists that have been through here is mind-boggling. We couldn’t love it more.

With coronavirus & the subsequent dwindling of the economy threatening the live music industrys very existence, is there any venues/promoters in Brighton that you hold in a special light?

Oh so many! Independent promoters Love Thy Neighbour, Acid Box, Melting Vinyl & JOY have been so good to us. They are key to continuing the great music scene here & have supported us throughout our many incarnations. We’ll always have a place in our heart for the venues Sticky Mikes Frog Bar (RIP), The Hope & Ruin & TheGreen Door Store. I hope this situation doesn’tdamage our grassroots scene - its such a shame to hear of places like the Deaf Institute [in Manchester] potentially closing from the lack of help thats available right now.

Obviously, the year 2020 has not gone to plan for anyone so far. With the world slowly starting to recover, however, what are your plans for 2021 & beyond?

Well, not to let any secrets slip, but weve been busy writing throughout lockdown for a very exciting project. Despite the uncertainty, were looking forward to getting back on the road eventually & playing our songs to the world.

HANYA’s “Sea Shoes” EP (AUS-C01) is now SOLD OUT.