Happy Release Day Winter Gardens! 1 September 2022

"In an age of fabricated ideology that most of us maunder aimlessly through a digital reality, promoting & expressing your output can become almost overwhelming & ironically disconnecting. Expectations of image, “proving yourself” & an obligation to stick within introspecting boundaries of supercilious status can cause a loss of context. Don't worry too much about what your audience thinks. Don’t lose sight of what it’s all about. Don’t let expectation forge your art."

Crystallise creates a marriage between bubbling transcendental synths & locomotive disco beats. There is a sense of infinite depth in the arrangement, with every pocket of available space hiding a new detail of sound. Taking inspiration from some of the more avant-garde artists of the 1980’s, the production in Crystallise looks to create something not heard before but yet slightly familiar. A forward look into the future of the past.

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