Daisy Coburn IYEARA Remix 'My Paradise' 27 August 2021

Surprise! IYEARA, one of the UK’s best underground electronica trios & long-time friends of Daisy, have just dropped an indelible remix of “My Paradise”..! Available to stream now on Apple Music, Spotify & the usual platforms, this unique take on Daisy’s latest single is a dark & trippy voyage through a plethora of hypnotic soundscapes. It’s a proper mind-bender! Enjoy this primal warp of “My Paradise” - SPOTIFY

Happy Release Day Sloe Noon! 20 August 2021

HAPPY CASSETTE DAY Sloe Noon! It’s been an honour to give the debut EP “Embassy Court” it’s first physical release as part of the C60Club. All orders have been shipped to arrive today (please allow extra time for international orders). There’s a handful of the “Brighton Sparkle” cassettes left in the webstore, but we suggest moving quickly as they won’t hang around! Order HERE

Happy Release Day! Daisy Coburn - My Paradise 30 July 2021

We are elated to finally introduce the world to the dreamy new single from the one & only Daisy Coburn! Available to stream via Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal & more now, “My Paradise” is a shimmering ode to humanity & pragmatism living simultaneously, & the battles fought within. Stream the track & add it to your playlists now, this is the real deal.

Seadog 'Old Joe' Video Premiere 23 July 2021

We are very excited to present the latest single from austerity's freshest signing 'Seadog', a humble slice of folky dreampop that will bring a joyous lift to your day. Stream the single on Spotify HERE and watch the video exclusively HERE. (Created by Jack Wolter/Penelope Isles)

Simon Raymonde (Cocteau Twins/Bella Union) expressed his praise towards 'Old Joe'

"With a cool motorik rhythm and atmospheric lead vocals floating above fuzzy-folk guitars and vintage sounding synths, the lyric video for 'Old Joe' is a delight. It begins with an antique tap dripping slowly in time with the beats, and then by using an imaginative array of found-footage that highlights the song’s narrative, it takes us on a journey akin to scanning old magazines and dusty super 8 films. It’s like being on a train ride through time as the song looks back wistfully at a life gone by, contemplating all that went before, the happy and the sad. It’s a poignant accompaniment to a particularly touching song from what already feels like Seadog’s most accomplished work to date."

C60 in Conversation: Hadda Be 14 July 2021

As part of the C60 Club, we here at austerity will be catching up with some of our favourite artists of the underground music scene. This month, we’ve caught up with Olly Trowler-Wareham – drummer & one half of the rhythm section behind the latest C60 inductees, the vibrant Hadda Be…

A: Hello Olly, & welcome to the C60 Club!

O: Thank you very much. It’s a fantastic club to be a part of.

You initially burst onto the independent music scene in the South under the name Foundlings back in 2018. After a global pandemic, newfound parenthood, a change in line-up & a trademark dispute that resulted in a name change to the Ginsberg-inspired Hadda Be, how has the band grown/differed since its initial run?

I think we’ve always taken the band very seriously & we’ve grown naturally as a result of that. We got involved with the label Last Night From Glasgow quite early on & the plan, after doing our “Foundlings” EP, was always to do a full-length album, so we had plenty of time to think about what we wanted the album to be & how we wanted it to sound.

Other than that, I think we’ve become a lot more selective about the things that we do & the shows that we do & don’t play - unfortunately, there’s a lot of people out there who want to take you for a ride. Without massive financial backing, it’s more often than not a slog to build up your audience & widen your reach but I reckon we’re doing a pretty good job at it. It’s all about being resilient, patient & focusing on the things that really matter in the music world.

As our album shows, we’ve also developed as a group of musicians & songwriters - able to express ourselves truthfully & write about things that we feel passionately about. If you listen to our output from the first releases to Another Life”, I think you can clearly see how we’ve grown as people as well as musicians.

Prior to the first wave of coronavirus, the band signed to Scottish indie label Last Night From Glasgow. In fact, you were the first non-Scottish act to join their roster. Take us through how this came to be & the impact the label has had on the Hadda Be journey?

It was through chance really! Ian, who founded the label, discovered us on a blog called the Devil Has The Best Tuna & reached out to us shortly after that. Our vocalist Amber happened to be working for a month in the Shetland Islands at the time & I went up there to visit her. On our way back down in the car, we took a detour to Glasgow to meet with Ian & Gary from the label & decided then & there to do an EP & album together.

LNFG has a refreshingly progressive & ethical model to their label, one that focuses on freedom for artists, which we found very impressive. Also, Ian made us some fantastic Lorne sausage baps for brunch which, I must admit, did very much help to seal the deal.

In terms of the impact LNFG have had on the band, I’d say it’s massive. Although we’re motivated & driven people ourselves, it’s been immeasurably helpful having a driven record label behind us who have helped us plot our journey so far. They’ve put a lot of faith in us & have taken the kind of risks on us that a lot of bands would dream of with their label. We’re very grateful for it all.

“Another Life”, your debut album on LNFG, was born out of lockdowns, restrictions & an upheaval of everyday life. Do you feel that the uncertainty & frustrations of the COVID era has had any bearings of the sound & attitude of the record? It’s a much more abrasive & forward collection of songs than your previous material.

Yes, definitely. Although most of the songs were written pre-COVID, the themes on the album have come into sharp focus over the last year & a half: the deep frustrations with those in power, the need for escape, our divided & divisive society. I think the song that exemplifies this most keenly is “Nurse’s Song”, which Amber wrote about her experiences working within the NHS as a Nurse. Unfortunately, the things that song deals with have been felt to an even greater extent through the pandemic. The speech by [former Labour MP] Nye Bevan at the end is more affecting & prescient now than ever; the complete disconnect of the founding principles of the NHS to what it has become due to successive Tory cuts & lack of respect for its workers.

Musically speaking, audiences often commented that we sound much rowdier live than we do on record. When we were planning “Another Life”, we made the decision early on to create a much more “live” sound to that of previous releases, something which reflects what we sound like in a busy, sweaty room. I think that may be one of the reasons why the record has been resonating with people. In a time where those kind of gigs are off, listening to a record that makes you feel like you're in that environment must have some kind of power.

Upon the initial release of the LP back in April, you pressed the record on a variety of beautifully coloured vinyl. This suggests a love of physical media of your part &, as you know, the AUS C60 Club was created out of a similar sentiment. What does it mean to Hadda Be to have their music available to their fans on an actual physical format?

We all try & buy physical as much as possible. It’s the best way of supporting artists, labels &, of course, record shops if you buy independent & direct. Coming from a generation of CD buyers, it’s much more special to have your own copy of an album in a physical format, something you can hold on to & spend time getting to know - it’s a much more profound experience to streaming. To think that people are having that experience with our album is very special for us. We’re very lucky! Not many bands get to have their album pressed onto vinyl, especially not in four colours.

We’ve always enjoyed tape too. It’s been an affordable way to own a physical copy of a record for a long time now. Now that we’re part of the C60 Club, our record is available on vinyl, CD & cassette. There’s simply no excuse not to buy it!

Live music is on the road to recovery, & you are scheduled to play the first-ever AUS All-Dayer in St. Leonard’s on July 24th. Are you looking forward to getting back onstage, & what does it mean to you to finally be back in front of live crowds?

We absolutely cannot wait. We haven’t played most of the songs on the record live yet, so the prospect of doing so is very exciting indeed. There’s a brilliant line-up for the all-dayer too. As well as being our first gig back, it’s also the first gig that we’ll be going to as fans of the artists on the bill. So, it’s a bit of a double whammy on that front. We’ll just have to make sure to not get too carried away before we go on...

Unfortunately, the last 18 months have seen many in the underground/independent scene fall by the wayside. However, your band seems to have come out the other side more determined & focused than ever. In light of this, what’s next for Hadda Be?

Thank you! Well, we’ve got a good few gigs coming up for the second half of 2021, including a headline show in London on the 10th of September at The Victoria in Dalston - we’re treating that as our delayed album launch show. People can head to our Facebook page for details of the other shows (including Rivfest in Warrington, Brighton dates & others to be announced soon). We also have some material that we recorded during the album sessions that we’re planning to release later in the year. All going well, there should be many exciting times ahead.

Hadda Be’s “Another Life” (AUS-C06) is available on milky-white cassette in the austerity webstore now. ORDER HERE

Sloe Noon 13 July 2021

It’s that time again, folks! We are SO pumped to introduce the latest inductees into our C60Club - Brighton x Kiel’s greatest band, Sloe Noon! The dream-gaze duo will be releasing a strictly-limited cassette of their incredible “Embassy Court” EP in August. Check back next week for more info, including pre-order details, haven't been able to stop streaming this one.

Daisy Coburn announces new single "My Paradise" 28 June 2021

The new single from the enchanting Daisy Coburn, available everywhere digitally from July 30th. Taken from the upcoming “Cut The Demon” EP, this shimmering pop odyssey handles love, self-destruction, humanity, pragmatism & everything in between.

Seadog announce new single 'Old Joe' 21 June 2021

As premiered on amazing radio last week, “Old Joe” is the new single from our newest roster additions Seadog. Recorded at Bella Union Studios & produced by Jack Wolter of Penelope Isles, this gorgeous slab of fuzzy-folk-rock is taken from the duo’s upcoming second album “Internal Noise”, & will be available through all the usual channels from July 23rd. Keep an eye out, you don’t want to miss this next chapter of the Seadog journey.

austerity All Dayer 24/07/21 18 June 2021

Following another disappointing announcement from our fantastic Government, we all need something to look forward to. & that’s where we come in. We are happy to present to you the first-ever austerity records All-Dayer, live from 1pm at The Piper in St. Leonard’s on Saturday July 24th. Featuring a day of music & performance from eight bands that we know, love & respect.

Tickets are available now for only £12 HERE. Limited capacity, so snag your tix quick. Come & join us at the biggest party of the summer on the first weekend of freedooooom! Artwork courtesy of the ever talented Alex Brown. <3

Record Store Day 2021 (First Drop) 12 June 2021

Happy RSD!! It’s days like today that make us feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t collect those little bits of wax that we put on our turntables. As always, we ventured over to Musics Not Dead in Bexhill, where the enthusiasm, passion & sense of occasion was there for all to enjoy. We spent far too much £££ but we don’t regret it one bit. See you all for Drop 2 in July!

Welcome Seadog 11 June 2021

It is with much enthusiasm & great pleasure that we introduce the latest addition to the austerity records roster, Brighton’s own Seadog! This one has been in the works for a while, & we couldn’t be happier to finally let you all in on it. Fresh off airplay from the likes of amazing radio and 6 Music, the anthemic folk project of Mark Benton & Tom Chadd will be releasing new music VERY soon, so keep an eye out for that. But for now, please join us in welcoming the incredible Seadog to the austerity family!

"With a cool motorik rhythm and atmospheric lead vocals floating above fuzzy-folk guitars and vintage sounding synths, "Old Joe" is a delight. It's like being on a train ride through time as the song looks back wistfully at a life gone by, contemplating all that went before, the happy and the sad. A particularly touching song from what already feels like Seadog's most accomplished work to date." - Simon Raymonde (Cocteau Twins/Bella Union)

SNAYX Live @ The Prince Albert 9 June 2021

“I know I can feel I’m witnessing something a little special here tonight...”

We’re getting kind of sick of saying it, but we told you so - SNAYX ripped the stage to shreds at The Prince Albert in Brighton on Saturday night.

Check out Cris Watkins of Brighton & Hove News’ full review of the show at the link HERE

Pic: Punk In Focus/Cris Watkins