Rockaway Beach Festival 2019 3 January 2019

What an incredible and productive start to the year we have had! Thank you ever so much for all the support we have received so far, We have some very exciting announcements coming up, including the WG/AR debut release.

In just over a week Winter Gardens will be opening the Saturday of Rockaway Beach Festival, their first ever festival appearance.

Rockaway is a boutique festival held at that the Butlins Bognor Regis Holiday resort, focusing on new and unsigned artists. Playing alongside some truly inspirational established musicians, the lineup this year has just got better and better.

Be sure to catch us for some free austerity goodies and Winter Gardens merchandise.

Welcome 20 December 2018

Nobody likes austerity, let's forget all the stigma that's attached to the word, this label is not advocating, glamorising, promoting or capitalising on this current affair.

Austerity was started by two mates Garry and Jim, who were consistently finding themselves going to the same independent gigs in Brighton, with a passion for new and upcoming artists, they decided to combine this mutual admiration for local music start their own indie label 'austerity records' - a label to encourage and form a platform for new, upcoming and passionate artists in the South East. Winter Gardens are the first exciting member of the family, with some rather impressive festival and support slots under their belts, WG will release thier first single on austerity records early next year, watch this space!